Protect, Manage, Control and MONITOR your Battery Assets.

Flexible configurations to suit any battery chemistry.

Configure for almost any pack size and pack voltage.

Universal cell modules, wireless cell connections.

Dynamic Cell Balancing (DCB).

For telecommunications, industrial & commercial battery systems.


Logging, Reporting, Management and Control

Real Time battery monitoring and Dynamic Cell Balancing (DCB) allows for flexible configuration and comprehensive automated battery management.


Web Interface and SNMP connectivity

Bring your battery assets into your network, making them remotely accessible, and intergrating them into your centralised network management system.


Remote Maintenance

Constant cell balancing, results in fewer battery replacements, and reduced site visits. Saving hardware labour and operating costs.


Wireless Cell Modules, Suits most Battery Types

Simple. Fit a one size fits all battery control module, and connect it wirelessly.

Wired options also available.

How the System Works.



The Socius Technology Battery Monitoring and Protection System has several capabilities that may be used to control the charge and discharge of batteries and cells at both the cell level and the pack level. Cell level control involves automatic shunting with user configurable thresholds. Pack level controls include: Charger disconnect/reconnect, Charge control, Dynamic Cell balancing, low voltage disconnect.



Voltage and temperature are measured at each cell by the Battery Cell Module and reported back to the Battery Control and Monitoring unit. Pack voltage, temperature and current are measured by the Pack Control and Monitoring unit.



The pack control unit and the BCM communicate wirelessly using a proprietary protocol The BCM sends; State, Alarm, Temperature and Voltage values back to the BPU. The pack control unit send configuration and control instruction to the BCM.



The pack control unit may be configured to disconnect the pack based on user configured threshold of pack voltage, cell voltage, pack temperature , cell temperature and pack current. Alarms and alerts can be presented to on site monitoring and safety systems via a range of configurable contact closure outputs to permit integration with existing site protection systems.



Configuration, status, alarm history and monitoring history are presented through TCPIP accessible graphical user interface. The system may be integrated with any Network monitoring system using SNMP.



Voltage, Current, Temperature, State an Alarms are logged over time. This information is used to: – Provide long term history of battery use; Charge and discharge cycles, current in and current out of the pack. – Indicate current state of charge – Detailed alarm and event history.

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